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Band Family {personal post}

Let me just start off by saying we LOVE our band family!! We truly are family and I am so thankful for every single one of them. We all live in the same neighborhood; all within less than a mile of each other.  I really don’t know that we could do life with out them… in fact, I KNOW that we couldn’t.  These guys are CONSTANTLY traveling and rooming together for weeks on the road, but yet when they come home, we still all want to be together and hang out.  I think that really says a lot about our friendships.

Anyway… all of that to say that last night we went on an amazing boat cruise of Town Lake.  Jamie bought a Groupon a while back for a boat rental with Capital Cruises, and last night we finally used it! I can not even tell you how great this was. We had the boat all to ourselves, brought our own food and drinks, enjoyed the breeze on the water, and were able to relax and watch the famous Austin Bats fly out for the night.  So much fun…


day30 (officially) – cutest kids

Alright, so here are the photos for day 30!  I decided to enter a contest to win an ipad2, and it involved taking a photo of 5 adorable kids wearing SUPER cute stuff!!! Who doesn’t love that?  CHECK THESE CUTIES OUT…

day29 – the bush family

OH MY WORD you guys… I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about these photos!!! The Bush’s are some of our very best friends. We LOVE them. I was planning on going on and on about how we met them and what not, but I really just can’t wait to post this! So I will just make a short list of awesome things about this family:

– Bush is also a photographer and EXTREMELY talented.
– Maris is having a baby in about a month!!!! His name is Wyatt. :)
– August is pretty much one my favorite kids in the whole world. He LOVES playing the drums and is actually really good.

So… I took close to 450 pictures during this session… I know- crazy. So I really could not just pick a couple to post, so here are my favorite 10.  :)