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Day 9 {happy boy}

I know I said that I wouldn’t post photos of my sweet boy everyday, but can you blame me? This boy is almost always happy… seriously. And today was no exception. Despite the fact that the day came with 5 shots, a finger prick, and Daddy (his most favorite person alive)¬†being gone; this boy was happy as could be. How could you not take pictures of this sweet face every day?



Day 7 {H & M}

Day 7 was spent with sweet in-laws and going to church. Today was the first time that I had to be called out of service to get my little man… he was so sad! BUT the good news is, some of our precious friends got Caleb a giftcard to H & M for his birthday! This is the most perfect gift for him (ME)!!! H&M has by far THE cutest boy clothing around. So, Caleb and I went on a little adventure and picked out some super adorable clothes for his birthday. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of what we actually bought, but trust me – they are so cute!

So, as boring as this is… H&M is my picture for Day 7. (Tomorrow’s post will be much more exciting!)


Day 5 {birthday boy}

I vow to not post photos of my child everyday… however, today is his very first Birthday, and tomorrow is his birthday party… so just be prepared! ¬†:)

Tonight, we celebrated with dinner at one of our favorite places in Austin, Chuy’s. Yes, we are such a cliche, but proud of it.



Day 4 {big boy shoes}

Yesterday, Caleb took his first step… nothing crazy. Just one step.

Today, Caleb took TWO steps! And not just two accidental steps… he took his time to balance and slowly took two very good steps (almost 3).

So, for day 4 I took a picture of his very first pair of big boy shoes! We bought them over Christmas with some money that his Great Grandma gave to him as a gift. He LOVES them!

PS… his 1st Birthday is TOMORROW!!!


Day 3 {sweet friend}

Day 3 was a swap day. My sweet friend, Whitney, and I swapped with each other for the day. She is also participating in 30Days/30Photos, so we decided to take photos of each other for Day 3…