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P. Ellis Drums {shameless plug}

This is not my normal post, but I just couldn’t resist.

I am a very proud wife. My husband is beyond talented. He is an incredible drummer. He is a genius when it comes to business smarts. He is constantly coming up with brilliant new ideas. He has written a pretty amazing e-book. He creates the most beautiful custom drums.  I don’t know much about drums… but everyone says they sound ridiculously amazing!!

There isn’t much that he can’t do. Check out his latest set…

Oh and if you want to see more, just check out


Band Family {personal post}

Let me just start off by saying we LOVE our band family!! We truly are family and I am so thankful for every single one of them. We all live in the same neighborhood; all within less than a mile of each other.  I really don’t know that we could do life with out them… in fact, I KNOW that we couldn’t.  These guys are CONSTANTLY traveling and rooming together for weeks on the road, but yet when they come home, we still all want to be together and hang out.  I think that really says a lot about our friendships.

Anyway… all of that to say that last night we went on an amazing boat cruise of Town Lake.  Jamie bought a Groupon a while back for a boat rental with Capital Cruises, and last night we finally used it! I can not even tell you how great this was. We had the boat all to ourselves, brought our own food and drinks, enjoyed the breeze on the water, and were able to relax and watch the famous Austin Bats fly out for the night.  So much fun…





This post ultimately has nothing to do with photography… this is just a really exciting personal post!!

To read about how our little family will be growing, please feel free to go to our new “personal” blog!!!


AU REVOIR, PARIS {2 year anniversary trip}

Philip and I decided that this year was the perfect time to finally take a trip to Europe.  My dream vacation has always been to travel to Paris. I took french in High School and LOVED it. So, with the little french that I remembered, and the non-existent french that Philip has- we went to Paris!!!  We could now easily be considered Parisians for sure… after being there a week we speak perfect French. Well, I like to pretend that we do anyway.  :)