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Miss Veda Faye {austin newborn photographer}

Jimmie and Laura always kind-of thought that they may adopt one day, but probably not for a little while since they had decided to move across the world as part of the 100 People Network at our church.  In the middle of preparing their minds for the big move, Jimmie had a dream. He dreamt that God was telling him and Laura to have a baby biologically. What? That couldn’t be right. Jimmie told Laura about his dream when they woke up that morning; Laura was pregnant 12 hours later. While still planning on moving, God had other plans. Things fell through with the organization they were going to be working with, so they decided to stay.
9 months later, they have a precious little girl named Veda. Her name means knowledge, or known in Arabic. Perfect for her story.

Selfishly, I am beyond happy that God has kept them here in Austin with us. Jimmie and Laura are some of our very best friends!

Meet Veda… 5 days old.


Baby Ingram {personal post}

Oh, how I love our friends!  Our dear friends, Jimmie and Laura, are having a baby in October.  That is SO soon!! We had a shower for them on Saturday, and let me tell you… this is my kinda shower.  First of all, I will admit that I was lusting over the house of the family who hosted the event.  It was absolutely what I would imagine my dream home to be, including the chickens in the backyard. (Philip and I just might seriously be considering getting chickens now.)  All of this to say- the shower was perfect and the company was even better!


Band Family {personal post}

Let me just start off by saying we LOVE our band family!! We truly are family and I am so thankful for every single one of them. We all live in the same neighborhood; all within less than a mile of each other.  I really don’t know that we could do life with out them… in fact, I KNOW that we couldn’t.  These guys are CONSTANTLY traveling and rooming together for weeks on the road, but yet when they come home, we still all want to be together and hang out.  I think that really says a lot about our friendships.

Anyway… all of that to say that last night we went on an amazing boat cruise of Town Lake.  Jamie bought a Groupon a while back for a boat rental with Capital Cruises, and last night we finally used it! I can not even tell you how great this was. We had the boat all to ourselves, brought our own food and drinks, enjoyed the breeze on the water, and were able to relax and watch the famous Austin Bats fly out for the night.  So much fun…