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30 Photos/30 Days {day 13}

Day 13:
Fine Art Wedding Photography… By Jose Villa & Jeff Kent
If you are getting into wedding photography, or have been in the game for a while, this book is incredible. It is so straight forward, and so inspiring. Not to mention, the photos are beautiful. This book covers everything in wedding photography… the technical camera stuff, step-by-step of the day, and all of the business/marketing that goes with it.

I read this book poolside over the summer, when I was really trying to figure out where I wanted my business to go. Did I really want to get into wedding photography full-time? Yes, I did. But I was also was scared out of my mind. Weddings can be a scary thing. I mean, they only happen ONCE. What if something terrible happens? Well, this book gave me confidence and ultimately was one of the many factors that helped me make the leap. Read it.  :)