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Branches & Light Stylized Shoot {austin wedding photographer}

It’s been two weeks since I attended the Branches & Light workshop, and let me tell you… it blew my mind! I am beyond excited about the changes that our coming to Coati Photography this year. If you are one of my brides this year, prepare to be spoiled. We are raising our standards here at Coati Photography, and I can’t wait to share the changes with you in the near future!

For now, please enjoy this oh-so-lovely stylized shoot. Caroline & Nancy did such an amazing job preparing everything. You can also check out a behind-the-scenes video from the workshop here: VIDEO


30 Photos/30 Days {day 9}

Day 9:
Today was a big day… the day that I have been looking forward to for months. The Branches & Light workshop. YES! So good! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was. I am beyond inspired, and so ready to get back home to get to work. Caroline and Nancy did such a wonderful job. You can expect to hear so much more about this trip in the days/weeks to come. Get ready! :)

How cute are these personalized gifts that they gave us? So sweet!

30 Photos/30 Days {day 8}

Day 8:
Meet my new roomies… Tiffany & Lindsay.  We met for the first time today. They are fantastic! We are so excited to be attending Branches & Light tomorrow, and decided to get everything started by going downtown for a little mexican dinner. It reminded me a lot of the mexican food I used to eat in Atlanta… this was no tex-mex.

30 Photos/30 Days {day 7}

Day 7:
My bags are packed. Nails are painted. Batteries are charged. My camera is ready.
I am headed to North Carolina tomorrow for an amazing photography workshop… Branches & Light. I am so excited, and apologize ahead of time if my 30/30 photos aren’t posted till late at night for a few more days.

Today’s photo is of my Kelly Moore bags… I could NOT travel without them. They are absolutely the perfect go-to photography bag/purse for women, BUT they also have a mens line. They are my favorite. You can see them here: Kelly Moore Bags