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30 Photos/30 Days 2012

So, it has almost been a year since I officially started Coati Photography. Can you believe that? You may remember that I kick-started it all by doing a little thing I like to call 30 Photos in 30 Days. It was SO difficult and I will admit that I cheated a little bit here and there. This year, I would LOVE to invite anyone and everyone to join me in this challenge. It won’t start until January, so no worries… you have plenty of time to mentally prepare yourself.   :)

Here are the rules:

– Starting on January 22, 2012 you will begin taking at least one picture every day for 30 days.
– You do NOT have to be a professional photographer to join.
– The picture can be of anything, but must be a new photo taken that very day.
– Photo sessions that are paid for by clients do NOT count. This is a challenge to push you. (Why not bless a family or two with some free photos?)
– You must post your photos somewhere for everyone to see… blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is to take you out of your comfort zone and post things even if they aren’t completely perfect like you would like.

So who’s in? If you plan on joining the challenge, just leave a comment below on this blog post and leave a link to where you will be posting your photos.