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2013 Goals / January Goals

I can not even express to you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed 2012. Last year, when I was planning and writing out my goals for the year, I would have never guessed that my year would have turned out the way that it did. God had bigger/different plans than I had made for myself. Isn’t that usually the way things go? I had big dreams of becoming a full-time wedding photographer, traveling somewhere I had never been with Philip, buying a house, completing 30 Days 30 Photos, etc. None of those things ever happened. You would think that reflecting on that would be quite a downer… but you would be wrong. You see, this year I learned a very valuable lesson. Sometimes you make big plans and have dreams for what your life will look like… when all of the sudden something crazy happens and those dreams immediately change over night.

On January 30th, I was in North Carolina attending the Branches & Light Workshop with some lovely ladies. I learned SO much and was immediately inspired in so many ways. The very next day, I was sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight back home, writing a very long to do list when the phone rang… We had a baby boy on his way to our tiny little home. That night, our lives completely changed. My goals completely changed. My dreams completely changed. Some might say that I gave up what I dreamed of when Caleb entered our lives, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. What I gained was an extremely sweet handsome son, who taught we what is truly important in life. My personal and business goals all changed for the better.

I go into this year, setting goals and dreaming big, but knowing that only God knows what is best for me and my family. My goals will forever be changing and growing… and for that I am thankful.

All of that to say… here are my “goals” for 2013.



Adoption Fundraiser {austin family photographer}

Some of our sweet friends are adopting from Haiti, and a few of us photographers decided to advertise some family mini-sessions to raise money for their adoption. We had a great turn out… I believe there were 8 families that we squeezed into 2 hours. WOW.  I had 3 of the most adorable families!! I absolutely love the diversity in our city and community… and especially LOVE all of the adoptions taking place! It makes me so happy.





This post ultimately has nothing to do with photography… this is just a really exciting personal post!!

To read about how our little family will be growing, please feel free to go to our new “personal” blog!!!