Caleb Meets Atlanta

Now that we have had a week to recover, I feel like I can finally post about our fun trip to Atlanta. Philip was finishing up his out-of-town gigs for the summer and we (Caleb and I) somehow ended up in Atlanta to hang with my family! It was a pretty last-minute trip, but we had SO much fun! Caleb had actually been to Atlanta twice before, but he was a lot younger and has absolutely no memory of those trips. So, I like to say that this was his first time to really meet Atlanta. We got to spend the whole week with my parents, and even my Mema showed up! We went to the Atlanta Zoo, the Georgia Aquarium, splash pads, shopping, parks, etc. You name it, we saw it. I think it’s safe to say that Caleb had a blast…



I love nothing more than taking photos of precious family members… so of course I didn’t mind when my sister-in-law asked if I could snap some 9-month photos of my sweet niece while I was visiting them in Dallas. Other than being a mother, there is nothing better than being an aunt. I am blessed to have 2 nieces and 1 nephew, and I must say that they are the most adorable kids EVER!

Here is sweet little Miss Evelyn Ruth at 9 months…


The Michner’s {austin family photographer}

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love photographing sweet young families. Maybe it’s because I have a much deeper appreciation for them now that we are one as well, or maybe it’s just because little kids are the cutest and most fun to photograph. Either way, I love it and can’t get enough. Emery is turning a year old in a matter of days, and I was so honored to be able to capture her during this precious time of her life… there is just nothing sweeter. Check out her gorgeous blue eyes!


Let the Countdown Begin…


School is almost out and Summer is just around the corner. We have had some crazy weather around here… hot, cold, rainy… we never know what to expect. We do however know that Austin Summers are out-of-this-world HOT, which is why now is the best time for photos. In the midst of our Countdown to Summer, I have decided to bless 1 very special person with a free session, plus 5 others with the chance to book a session for half-off… that’s right, HALF-OFF! Gosh, I just LOVE giveaways. (You will find instructions below on how to enter.)

You may be thinking to yourself, “We could really use some updated family photos, but I could probably just use our nice camera and it wouldn’t cost a dime.”
This is true, but I am here to tell you that unfortunately, they will not look the same. There are some very nice, smart, affordable cameras out there that do a great job, but you will not get the same end results. It is not always as simple as it looks. Read HERE to see what I’m talking about.

How do I enter to win??
1 – You must ‘like’ us on Facebook…
2 – To win the FREE photo session, you must be the very first person to e-mail me. Tell me how you would use your free session.
3 – The first 5 people to e-mail me (after the winner) will receive HALF-OFF a photo session.

E-mail: info{at}coati photography{dot}com