30 days, 30 photos

Day 18 {family day}

Ok, I admit… I am a few days behind. Philip has been out of town, and although that is no excuse – it is a lot more difficult to get things done. BUT he is back, and today we had a much needed family day! We spent most of the day enjoying downtown and the Children’s Museum. LOVE my boys!



Day 17 {Bryan, Michelle & Jessie}

Today I met up with Michelle, Bryan, and their adorable pup. What started as a “30 days” photo turned into almost a full shoot, because let’s be honest… these 3 are PRECIOUS, and I just couldn’t help myself!


Day 16 {Brittany & Elliott}

Meet my friend Brittany & sweet baby Elliott!


Day 15 {Emily}

Emily is one of my most favorite people! She is thoughtful, kind, giving, caring, extremely talented, and beautiful (as you can see). And absolutely no one (besides family) loves our little man more than she does… and the feeling is definitely mutual. Caleb ADORES Emily!

Day 15… We are half way there people!!!


Day 14 {playground}

Day 14… It’s Caleb again!  :)

Not sure how you could be, BUT if you are tired of seeing pictures of my little dude, then you are in luck this week! I have something lined up everyday this week! YAH!!

Happy cloudy Day 14!