For the Family {austin family photographer}

So, this post is mostly for my family… but trust me, you will want to see these freakishly adorable kiddos!!!

My cousin, Jamie, called me yesterday to see if Philip and I would be available to hang out if she and her kids came to visit the next day… ummmm, YES PLEASE!!! I love when family comes to visit. Especially when they drive 3 whole hours just to see us!

I had the boys all day, so they were able to join in the fun.  First we went to the park and I was able to take just a few quick pictures, then it was off to Chick-fil-a (of course), and then we went to the splash pad at the domain. So much fun!

If I hadn’t told you already… I LOVE when family comes to visit!!! (even if it is just for a few hours)

#1- The contest to win a FREE photo shoot with me (see last post) has been extended… so you should better enter right away!!
#2- What could be hotter than seeing your husband hanging out with super cute kiddos?? I mean… seriously.   :)


One response

  1. Jodi Ellis

    Super duper cute!

    06/02/2011 at 9:08 pm

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