sxsw 2011 – hanson

So, all did not go according to plan. Long story short… there was a possibility that Zac Hanson was going to be using some P.Ellis drums yesterday during their live 12 hour stream to raise funds for Japan.  If you don’t know what P.Ellis drums are, it’s my husband’s custom drum company. You should check them out, because, well… they are pretty amazing.

Anywho… just because that didn’t happen, didn’t mean we still couldn’t go to their show last night.  This was an official SXSW showcase, so you had to have an official wristband… which Philip just happened to have since he played a couple of official shows himself.  I on the other hand did not have one, but SXSW is all about finding your way in somehow. Well, at least that is how we do it.  :)

So, Philip went in with his Artist pass and I met him out at the back door. I was a little worried about getting in, since the men at the back doors had a list… I always dread trying to get past the dudes with the “list”.  We actually ended up having no problem. Philip came out and grabbed my hand and I followed.  The dudes did look at me funny, but didn’t really question us.  Eye contact is the key… DO NOT make eye contact!

All this to say, that we had a GREAT time. And on another note… I don’t think I am cut out to be going to a show at 1am and getting home at 3.  I am exhausted.


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