day27 – jamie ivey

Today, I got to take some pictures of one of my best friends, Jamie Ivey.  We met the Ivey’s a little over two years ago, when we first moved to Austin.  Philip plays drums and travels with Jamie’s husband, Aaron.  They have the most amazing four kids EVER and have such an incredible story.  This family is our family… we LOVE them!

I really could go on and on about how awesome they are and how much they have impacted our life, but let’s get to the real story…

Jamie is going to be the next big radio star here in Austin! (Well, probably… hopefully.)   :)
For the past few weeks, thousands have voted, and Jamie was chosen to be part of the top 5 for a contest to be the next morning co-host on 98.1 KVET.  Jamie would TOTALLY be the perfect person for this.  Her life is so interesting and so relatable.  AND that show definitely needs a woman’s voice… it’s honestly the only reason I don’t listen to the show at the moment.  Anywho… she decided that she needed a new updated photo for them to put up on the site.  So these are my two favorites!


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