day24 – solitude

As much as I absolutely love the boys that I get to spend my “work” days with… it is great knowing that I have 5 whole days off to get things accomplished.  YES!
Last night we had our very first Get Trained “The Art of Storytelling: Photography” class at our church and it was exactly what I needed to get my 5 days kicked off. SO many great things were said that I really needed to hear:

* As kids we had such crazy imaginations… When did we stop dreaming?
* “Art is about those who have the courage to use bits of reality to get us to see reality in light of a new reality.” -Cornel West
* When did artist in the church stop imitating God & start imitating the world?
* If you are not making mistakes in your art… you aren’t trying new things. You are falling victim to your fear & approval of man and not pushing yourself.

So, all day I have been working on something very exciting… something for YOU! So get ready, cause it’s coming…

PS- If you are looking for an awesome camera bag… check out that Kelly Moore bag that I got for Christmas. AMAZING.


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