day19 – be mine

So, my days are getting all mixed up and I felt like my last blog was done yesterday, when really it was done 3 days ago… what??? Where have my days gone?? Being in Atlanta with the family has really thrown me off.  I’m LOVING every minute of being here.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it was wonderful.  Philip ran to the store to get some things for my mom and then came back with some gorgeous red roses for me!  I have the sweetest best friend in the whole world. Then, a couple of hours later, my dad came home with pink roses for my mother… great minds think alike I guess. :)


One response

  1. Ginny

    HAHA! You mean Phillip didn’t hook your dad up but made him make his own trip to the store. HA!

    02/15/2011 at 9:17 pm

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