day14 – take a guess

Bet you can’t guess what I’m posting pictures of today…  snow. Of course.   I feel like everyone in Texas is posting pictures of snow today.  Overkill.  Yet, I am just as guilty.  Really though, who could resist?  We NEVER get snow here in Austin; especially downtown.

Even though I’ve always known that Texas weather is crazy and unique, this week has definitely proven that.  Just on Sunday I was bragging about how everyone was laying out by the pool and we were grilling… it seriously felt like summer. Skip to 2 days later and we were having to leave our faucets dripping, because there was an emergency warning from our apartment that all of the pipes could freeze. CRAZY! Then today, it’s snowing.  There isn’t really a ton of snow or anything… but for downtown, this is insane!

PS… check out that yellow tape in the last picture. They had completely shut down all of the streets around our apartment.  We are literally stuck here for the day. :)


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