day11- coati?

So after all of the bragging that I did on Sunday… it’s FREEZING outside today. Literally.  It’s supposed to be in the teens tomorrow. CRAZY Texas weather.  Everyone that I have been lining up to take pictures of is backing out, because its way too cold to be taking pictures in this weather.  I don’t blame them one bit.  I wouldn’t want to sit and smile in this weather either.

So what better to do on a cold dreary day? Why not answer the question that EVERYONE has been asking me… What is Coati? What does it mean?  Well, the name came from our honeymoon, and Philip still calls me that to this day. CHEESY, I know, but every “Kim Ellis” domain was taken.  haha

So, for today… here is a photo from our honeymoon, AND a link to watch a video that my dad edited for us a while back.  If you stick with it until the end, then you will see where the name Coati came from. :)

WARNING: If you do not want to see mushy, lovey, honeymoon-ish stuff… then you probably shouldn’t watch this.



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