day10 – zilker love

Sorry that this is coming so late in the day, but the last few days have been insane! Today is day 10, which means I have 2/3 left of this little project of mine. WOW.  This is honestly so much harder than I thought it would be. The blogging and taking pictures is fun, but trying to figure out who/what in the world I am going to take a picture of or even have time to take a picture of is stressful.  Really it’s more the time issue.  There is only so much daylight after I get off work…

Anywho… today was another one of those busy days.  I left work a little after 5 and had to run home and be at a meeting with Philip at 7.  Luckily the traffic wasn’t so bad today and we had about 15 minutes to spare before we had to leave, AND before the sun went down.  So I called Philip when I was 2 minutes away from home and said, “Meet me downstairs; we are going to Zilker Park SUPER quick to get some pictures!”  We dashed over there as quickly as possible in hopes of still catching some light.  This is about all we got… but hey, it’s a post right?? Day 10, BAM!

PS… look at that GINORMOUS (and yes, that is a word. Look it up in the Webster dictionary) tree I’m standing next to!! That isn’t even half of it!


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