Alright boys and girls… it is official. I am open for business. :)  Oh, happy day!!!

So here’s the deal- to get us kicked off, I will be blogging 30 photos in 30 days (one each day).  This is just a little experiment that I thought I would do for fun. Am I crazy for doing this? Philip and I are so busy these day, so I’m hoping that I’m not in over my head.  We shall see.

The good news for you guys is that you will be rewarded for your stalking skizilllls. That’s right… the more stalking/commenting/spreading the word you do, the better.  At the end of the 30 days, whoever has been the most dedicated blog stalker will be rewarded with an entirely FREE photo session with me. If you mention this post on twitter, facebook, or your blog- just leave me a comment with the link to your post. (twitter: kim_ellis)

*The only areas eligible to win are Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and the Van/Tyler area.  We live in Austin, but have family in the other cities.  So, if you win and live in Dallas, Atlanta or Van/Tyler, we will work something out for when we are in town visiting.  Woooohoo!!  Stalk away…


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