Day 6 {Birthday Party!}

Today was Caleb’s 1st Birthday Party!! We are so very blessed to have this sweet boy in our family. Today also marks exactly one year since we signed our foster license… Who would have thought that exactly a year later we would be throwing a party for a sweet baby boy?? How ridiculously amazing is that?


Day 5 {birthday boy}

I vow to not post photos of my child everyday… however, today is his very first Birthday, and tomorrow is his birthday party… so just be prepared!  :)

Tonight, we celebrated with dinner at one of our favorite places in Austin, Chuy’s. Yes, we are such a cliche, but proud of it.



Day 4 {big boy shoes}

Yesterday, Caleb took his first step… nothing crazy. Just one step.

Today, Caleb took TWO steps! And not just two accidental steps… he took his time to balance and slowly took two very good steps (almost 3).

So, for day 4 I took a picture of his very first pair of big boy shoes! We bought them over Christmas with some money that his Great Grandma gave to him as a gift. He LOVES them!

PS… his 1st Birthday is TOMORROW!!!


Day 1 {the men in my life}

How else would I start my 30 days? With my boys, of course!!  :)


Sweet Evelyn Ruth {austin birth photographer}

AHHHH!!! I’m an Aunt… again!!

I received a call early Friday morning from my mother telling me that my brother, Brandon, and his wife, Sara, were headed to the hospital to have their sweet baby girl! They live in Dallas, and I had a photo session scheduled for that morning with another family. So, I went ahead and finished up the family session here in Austin, and then headed straight for the hospital in Dallas. It was such an amazing and beautiful thing to be a part of. Sara already proved what an amazing mother she is, and is going to be. Although things didn’t go the way they had planned, Brandon and Sara have always put their sweet girl first, and I am just so proud of them and the way that they have already made such great sacrifices for their little girl! What an incredibly beautiful thing! I could go on and on, but I will let you see for yourself what an incredible day this was…

The Strimel Family {austin family photographer}

I think this sweet little girl wins the award for the most fun 3 year old to photograph. We had a chilly early morning session, but that didn’t stop her… she was full of energy and SO much fun! AND we both share the same love for purple… win.

Smith Family {austin family photographer}

I first photographed the Smith’s a couple of years ago when I had just started my business, so I was extremely excited when they asked me to do their family photos this year. How adorable is their little girl? I have always been slightly annoyed when people try to match up their itty bitty babies… but let’s be real here people, I wouldn’t mind one bit if our little man ended up with this cutie one day. Seriously… so cute.

The Adams Family {austin family photographer}

Indiana is a local Mom/Style blogger here in Austin. Her family is so incredibly adorable and oh so sweet! If you want to see more of this cute family, see them over on Indiana’s blog… Adored Austin.

The Jost Family {austin family photographer}

This family is beyond adorable! We had the most perfect Fall weather for this session, and those boys were so much fun. This is the first of many Fall Family Sessions to come on the blog… so keep checking back over the next few weeks. Also, it’s not too late to book your own!

The Switch {austin lifestyle + portrait photographer}

Hello there!

After much thought, I have decided to make The Switch. What exactly is “The Switch”? Well, let me explain…

Over the past year, I have photographed numerous beautiful weddings and loved every minute of it. However, as most of you know, we began fostering our sweet little boy at the very beginning of this year. There is absolutely nothing I love more than being at home with him and watching him learn something new every single day. We were just given the news that he will officially become part of our family next month! I CAN NOT even put into words how happy this makes me. We are thrilled!

All of this considered, I have decided to pull back on the number of weddings I accept, and focus more on lifestyle and portrait sessions. This is where I began my business, and it really is what I desire to do. Not only am I extremely passionate about family photography, but this will also allow me to spend even more time with my own family! What could be better than doing what you love, and getting to enjoy it all while watching your little one grow? Nothing.

So, head on over to my new pricing page and check out the changes that I have made. Please feel free to spread the word that our family sessions are back in full swing!!  :)


Brandon + Sara {austin maternity photographer}

I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT… AGAIN!!!  My brother and his wife are about to have their first little one… Miss Evelyn Ruth! I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend with the two of them, and it was so incredibly sweet to see how excited they are to become parents. Evelyn’s nursery is probably the cutest I have ever seen. Sara has always had an eye for decorating around the house, and Brandon is an INCREDIBLE graphic designer. He designed a few special things in Miss Evie’s room, and I will admit I am a little jealous… they are so adorable and perfect.

Hurry up Miss Evie… we can’t wait to meet you!

Will + Jessica {austin couple photography}

Oooooh goodness… I am beyond thrilled to share these super sweet photos from Will and Jessica’s one year anniversary session. To be honest, I have not had many requests for one year anniversaries, but I do believe they have just become my new favorite thing. What a sweet idea, right? They even brought their year old wedding cake for the shoot. LOVE. Also, did I mention that Jessica is a fabulous photographer? Well, she is… check her out!

Okay, okay… on to the photos.

Children’s Holiday Sale

There is nothing I love more than the holidays, other than my precious family of-course. There is just something so cozy about this time of year, and guess what… it’s just around the corner! I could not be more thrilled!

One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays, is running out to our mail box and receiving holiday cards daily. It used to just be around Christmas time, but I’m loving this new trend of picking your family’s favorite holiday and sending cards then. I especially love this, because it makes me feel as though the holidays have been extended… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.

So, what better way to kick-off the holiday season than with a Children’s Holiday Sale? This is our very first year to have a little one in the family, and there is something so sweet and exciting about getting to share this season with a child. I’ll be honest, I CAN NOT wait to send out our holiday cards this year (still not sure which holiday to pick.) We have already booked our family photo session with our photographer of choice; now it’s your turn! Now – November 17th, you can book your child’s Holiday Mini-Session for just $150. Holiday Mini-Sessions are 30-45 minutes long. You will receive a DVD with 20-30 Hi-Res Images from your session.

To book your session just e-mail me at

*Also, if you like us on Facebook keep an eye out for a super special deal!  ;)

The Gayhart Family {austin family photographer}

I had so much fun with this sweet, sweet family! They are from Dallas, but were stopping through Austin for a little mini-vacation… I am SO glad that they did! How adorable are they?

Dodson Family {austin family photographer}

This family is so sweet, and the photos are just that. Simple, sweet, straight to the point… Family. Their son Pascal is only 6 days older than our little man, and he did such a great job! This family absolutely ADORES him if you couldn’t tell.  :)

The Paquette Family {austin family photographer}

There is nothing sweeter than shooting young families… the kids are always precious and easily entertained. The Paquette Family was no exception. These three kiddos were so much fun! They kept begging to jump in the water, and I promised we would finish with a bang. The best, is when they completely forget I am there taking pictures. That is when you get the genuine giggles and sweet moments. LOVE this family!

Miss Veda {austin infant photographer}

Oh. My. Goodness. There are no words to describe how much I love this little girl! Little Miss Veda is the daughter of some of our very best friends, Jimmie and Laura. Laura had been asking me if I could get some sweet photos of Veda before she grew out of her infant stage, and we finally picked a day! We kept it simple and just went downstairs to their apartment pool. I absolutely love how the photos turned out. She is just so precious!!  :)

Family Sale {austin family photographer}

Families… you are in luck! Ever since bringing Little Dude into our home, I can’t help but feel all mushy when it comes to family. There is just something so great (yet so terrifying) about becoming a mommy for the first time. So, because I am in such a lovely mood, I would love to offer families a REALLY great deal for the entire month of May.  YES!!! This can include anything from newborn, senior portraits, or just your good ‘ol fashion family photos (with a modern twist). Sessions will include an online proofing gallery of ALL of your photos, along with a DVD of 30-50 HIGH-RES retouched images.

Are you ready for the AMAZING deal?? Only $200. Yes, that is correct… you are getting a whole $100 off of your session. I may be crazy, but you should probably take advantage of me during this oh-so-sweet new-mommy-moment.  :)

How to take advantage…
Send me a quick e-mail here:  info{at}coati photography{dot}com

Spring Sale

If you didn’t know, right now is THE best time for photos in Austin. It is beautiful outside! So, in honor of the gorgeous weather, I would love to offer you the chance to finally get those family photos taken… at a discounted rate!! WHAT??? Yes.

Now thru Friday, I will be offering portrait sessions at $250. Don’t stress… the photos won’t be taken this week, just booked. When you contact me, just mention this sale and then we will figure out the best time that works for you. To partake in this “Oh, so wonderful” Sale, just send me a quick e-mail and I will get back with you in a jiffy. info{at}coati photography{dot}com

*Portrait sessions are great for families, couples, and seniors. Sessions include an online proofing gallery, along with a DVD of 30-50 high-res retouched images.

The Patterson Family {austin family photographer}

The Patterson family was such a joy to work with! These kids were so much fun and had me laughing the entire time. I mean really… check out those expressions.

The Elliston Family {austin family photographer}

I was thinking of a million things I could write to go with this blog post, but really there needs no introduction. Just look at how adorable these kiddos are!!! I can’t get enough!

Michael & Ginny {austin family photography}

These two are headed to Asia… yes, Asia for a 2 week tour. So, we tried to squeeze in a quick session before they left. I will be honest and say that I have never heard Michael sing before, but if he is even half as good as his wife then you never know… they could just be the next “BIGBANG“. Look it up people; BIGBANG is only the hottest thing that has ever hit Asia!!

All joking aside, I am super excited for them and CAN NOT wait to hear about their trip.

On a side note: Their dog, Belle, is the cutest most energetic puppy I have ever met! (Besides Baxter, of course.)  :)

Miss Veda Faye {austin newborn photographer}

Jimmie and Laura always kind-of thought that they may adopt one day, but probably not for a little while since they had decided to move across the world as part of the 100 People Network at our church.  In the middle of preparing their minds for the big move, Jimmie had a dream. He dreamt that God was telling him and Laura to have a baby biologically. What? That couldn’t be right. Jimmie told Laura about his dream when they woke up that morning; Laura was pregnant 12 hours later. While still planning on moving, God had other plans. Things fell through with the organization they were going to be working with, so they decided to stay.
9 months later, they have a precious little girl named Veda. Her name means knowledge, or known in Arabic. Perfect for her story.

Selfishly, I am beyond happy that God has kept them here in Austin with us. Jimmie and Laura are some of our very best friends!

Meet Veda… 5 days old.

Spread the Holiday Cheer

It’s that time of year again… family, turkey, candy canes, stockings, and CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! Or if you’re really eager, Thanksgiving cards.

I have marked 3 special days on my calendar just for you guys, and I wanted my lovely blog stalkers to get first dibs. I only have 12 spots available and they will fill up quickly. So, if you are interested, just send me a quick email letting me know which time slot you would prefer and I will get back with you ASAP.

These shoots are great for couples and families.

30 minute mini-session
15-20 fully edited high quality images on DVD

Friday, October 28:    5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00
Wednesday, November 2:   5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00
Friday, November 4:   5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00

Location has not been decided at this time, but will be somewhere in central Austin.


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